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Perforated Panels

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• Ramps

• Handrails

• Steps

• Perimeter Air Grills

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  • Ramps - Composed of standard flooring components, panels, pedestals, ramp channels and nosing. Ramps are field installed to fit actual conditions and are surfaced with non-slip vinyl.
  • Handrails - 1-1/2" diameter post and rail construction, available in several varities; wallmounted, freestanding, straight and sloped.
  • Steps - Fabricated from matching flooring components and vinyl.
  • Fascia - Aluminum closure secures to bottom angle and is trimmed off with top angle to create a proper finished appearance at exposed locations.
  • Perimeter Air Grills - Continuous air grills at perimeter locations to properly circulate air at convector locations.
  • Airflow Panels - Perforated panels interchangeable with standard existing floor panels, permitting regulation of desired airflow.
  • Air Registers - With or without dampers, available in several types and dimensions to suit a varitey of mechanical and architectural specifications. Under-floor air increased quality.
  • Pedestals - Large selection of sizes and types, both new and used, to suit any floor height or manufacturer.
  • Plenum Dividers - Readily available to properly channel air to designated areas, sheet metal, aluminum fascia or sheet rock.
  • Panel Lifters - Several types of lifters, single and double, for carpet or high pressure laminated panels.

Cable Cut Outs

We offer a variety of cable cutouts with trimmed vinyl edging:

  1. Cable cut out from edge of panel (standard/customized size) - used because of its versatility.
  2. Circular grommet cutout - primarily for a stationary hook-up.
  3. A V-shaped cut out on the edge of a panel for small data and communication lines.
  4. Electrical floor box cut out (no trim required).